Hallstone Bark Mulch

excellent, value for money bark mulch ideal for general purpose landscaping, providing ground cover, weed suppression and moisture retention; this is a natural product which can enhance the appearance and performance of landscaping schemes in many areas. Price guide: £74.95 Click product image to for further information.

Hallstone Topsoil

Excellent value for money multi-purpose topsoil, manufactured and analysed to British Standard 3882:2007 using approximately 50% recycled natural topsoil and 50% recycled green waste compost material to British Standard PAS100. Ideal for general purpose landscaping work, including year-round planting. Price guide: £69.95 Click product image to for further information.

Gutter Protector Quantity – 4M

keep your gutters clear and free flowing with our special gutter protector. manufactured from a rigid nylon brush in 4m (13ft) lengths placed in the gutter the gutter protector’s 10cm (4in) “bristles” repel falling leaves and moss whilst allowing the water to flow freely to the downpipe. with a hook and loop at either end […]

UV Garden Parasol Buy 1 Get 1 Free

it’s amazing how a bit of sunshine uplifts the spirit but ironically as we all know too much exposure can be harmful to your skin. everyday umbrellas generally provide shade from the sun but those harmful uv rays will still pass through the fabric – our exclusive parasol’s secret lies in its solid colour fabric […]

6x Frost Jackets + 6 free

most plant protection fleece that is available is made from white fleece but we have exclusively designed our own range from green fleece to naturally blend in with your garden and to protect your non frost hardy bushes shrubs and trees from the worst of the cold weather. manufactured from green non-woven fleece they protect […]

Fly the Flags Flags – English Flag

coopers of stortford fly the flags Price guide: £6.99 Click product image to for further information.

Umbrella Solar Birdbath Fountain

our stunning birdbath fountain features a delightful display of 2 young children and a dog sitting under an umbrella – protecting them from the never ending rain produced by the fountain! solar powered our fountain with its calming sound of running water is sure to create a serene atmosphere wherever it’s placed (garden patio deck […]

Tree Seat

relax in your garden with our attractive deluxe tree seat which will provide shaded seating under your favourite tree whilst creating a stunning focal point in your garden. allowing you to take in a 360º view of your garden this circular seat is ideal for relaxing reading or entertaining. made from steel this seat is […]

Traditional Weathervane Choices – Cat and Mouse

determine those shifts in the wind and the changes in weather it brings whilst adding character to your house with one of these beautiful traditional weathervanes. available in 4 styles they come complete with directional arms (north south east and west) sturdy bracket and mount fittings – allowing you to attach them to both walls […]

Set of 2 Verdigris Herons

create an instant feature in your garden with these stunning decorative herons. beautifully crafted from metal with a weathered verdigris finish they will look stunning placed around your pond or in garden borders and may help deter herons from fishing in your pond. the pair stand at 76cm (30ins) and 60cm (23 3/4ins) tall respectively […]

Flag Pole with St Georges and British Union Flags

our exclusive full size flag pole comes with both the british union and english st.george’s flags making it ideal for supporting our country national days football matches the queen’s birthday or whenever you are feeling patriotic! standing an impressive 5.5m (18ft) high it’s made from lightweight aluminium the four separate pole sections easily slot together […]

Gaggle of Geese

create an instant feature in your garden with this stunning gaggle of geese. they will make a perfect accompaniment to any water feature but when placed on a patio terrace on decking and in garden borders they will also make an eye-catching display. hand made from metal and painted with a rustic brown finish they […]